Monday, 30 January 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Phoenix Temple, Phoenix Guard

Welcome back to the How I Paint series! The first one of the year, and hopefully the first of many. Today I bring you the Phoenix Temple and the scheme I used to paint them. This is the first time I have painted any sort of High Elves, they weren't difficult in the regards that they need to be a crisp as you can make it, steady hand required.

I started by priming them all Corax White.

I airbrushed on the blues of the inside of the cloaks for ease more than anything, I used Calgor Blue for this, followed by a light spray of Temple Guard Blue on the edges.

This gave a nice transition between the colours.

I shaded the cloaks with a very thin Nuln Oil with a tiny bit of Gulliman Blue Glaze, this was in a mix of 2 parts Nuln, 1 Part Gulliman and 5 parts Lahmian Medium. I then went back over with Uthanian Grey and done a small highlight of White Scar on the creases.

I painted in the flames first with Mephiston Red to get the pattern. 

I went back and painted the inside of the Loin cloth with Temple Guard Blue and washed it with Coliea Greenshade. 

I painted in 2 thin coats of Averland Sunset on the flames. 

Finally finishing off with an edge highlight of White Scar on the bottom of the cloak. 

For the faces, I painted them with Cadian Fleshton and Shaded with Reikland Fleshshade. 

I finished the faces with a top highlight of Kislev Flesh (I did attempt the eyes on these but I do not have the steady hand to do this, more practise needed here). I then applied Leadbelcher to all the metallic armour parts and washed with Nuln Oil Gloss, I will say these new gloss washes are fantastic for metallics.

I next painted in all the Gold details using Retributor armour, no tricks, just being as neat as you can.

I gave them all a wash of Reikland Gloss, again, fantastic for gold and bronze details. 

I highlighted all the Gold details with Auric Gold and tidied up the Blues.

I used a mix of White Scar and Ulthuan Grey to paint the outlines of the cloth and tidy up any white areas.

The final step for the miniature itself was to edge highlight all the metallics with Stormhost Silver as well as paint over the gemstones with this colour too. After this dried, I painted over the Gemstones with the new Spiritstone Red technical paint from GW.

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