Tuesday, 14 February 2017

'How I Base' Series: Spring Thaw Theme.

Welcome to the latest basing guide series for Age of Sigmar! I wanted to create a theme for all the Grand Alliance Order units I paint this year. If you follow the blog you will have seen that for the Realm Hoppers event I made a lot of snow based terrain for the Realm of Light Tundras of Shilliax board. I loved doing this and wanted to have an army based in this Realm. I decided what better than to have the Phoenix Temple as the first to be set here. The bases for this army below were all resin bases I got off eBay, they are forest bases. 

If again you follow my blog and techniques, you will know, I try and paint everything to be of good quality but quick to do. I try and find the shortcuts (I know ill never be a golden daemon painter), my basing is normally the same approach. Here is How I Base: Snow bases!

I first used a Halford spray as the base and primer for the bases. This spray is from the Camouflage Super Matte range. It gives a great coverage. I then painted in the base coats, Gorthor Brown for wood, Mechanicus Standard for Rocks and Deathworld Forest for shrubs and leaves.

I then applied a generous wash of Agrax over the whole base.

After wash dried

I followed this with an all over dry brush of Terminatus Stone.

I finished the bases off with some tufts and flowers from the dice bag lady.

The other 21 bases. 

For the snow, I wanted to try and achieve a thawing effect, a light dusting of snow that is starting to melt away. I turned to my trusty Krycell from Precision Ice and Snow (http://www.precisioniceandsnow.com), it comes in powder form with a sieve, you apply by spraying the bases with Clear Laquer and then sifting the snow over the top. You brush off the excess and repeat until the desired amount of snow is built up, you finish by one finally spray of hairspray to seal it in. This took 3 coats.

Finished effect.

Based models

As I say, a nice easy technique, only took a night to do it all. The Krycell is the magic key. Hope you enjoyed and see you soon! 

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