Tuesday, 21 February 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Nurgle Rotbringers, Blight Guard

Disgusting!! Today I bring you my guide to painting Nurgle Rotbringers, the adopted children of Nurgle. These have always been on my wish list, I finally took the dive and purchased The blight Guard formation, 1 Lord of Plagues, 1 Rotbringer sorcerer and 20 BlightKings (in units of 5). I opted to go with a pale skin for models, as I feel you can achieve a bit more bruised and diseased effects, plus I wanted to try some new skin tone techniques. Here is 'How I Paint' them. 

(Note: Unless stated, I always thin my paints with a drop of Vallejo Thinner Medium, you can use water, but the key is make sure paints are thin)

I started by undercoating the model in Chaos Black and then base coating (A Halfords spray, Camoflauge range - Khaki) in a colour similar to Rakarth Flesh

I then layered all over with Skin Tone by Vallejo model Air.

I washed the skin with a 50/50 mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmain Medium

I went back to Skin Tone (Model Air) and brush layered the skin, avoiding the recesses.

(The Blight Guard Formation)

The next stage was to paint the armour, I used Caliban Green as a base coat, washed this with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted and drybrushed with Straken Green, I finished off with an edge highlight of Oygrn Green on the fine corners. 

For the Leather and Wood, I base coated in Dryad Bark, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted this with Slyvaneth Bark. 

Any straps and cloth on the BlightKings were based with Rakarth, washed again with Agrax (there is a common theme here...) and this time drybrushed with screaming skull.

I tried a new technique explained by Master Duncan for the horns and bone. Base coat in Zandri Dust, then using washes mixed with lahmian medium in a 50/50 mix gradually work further and further towards the tip. Two with Reikland Fleshshade and two with Agrax Earthshade.

I base coated all the weapons with Leadblecher, then (sorry not pictured) washed twice with Sepia and once with Agrax. Finally highlighted with Ironbreaker

For the Brass details, I based in Balthasar Gold, washed with Agrax and Drybrushed with Sycorax Bronze.

Onto the best bit! Bruising the Skin. This was so much fun as it is all with washed and the effects are so good. Just a note to, the metal areas were given a small amount of Oxide painted in to make them seem a little more rusted. 

To achieve the bruised effect, you need to use Druchii Violet and Lahmian Medium in a 50/50 mix, wash the whole skin area with this mix, make sure it does not pool anywhere. Follow this by a wash of the same mix but this time focus only on the recesses and folds and more around open wounds. Follow this by a mix of Carroburg Crimson and Lahmian Medium (50/50) and focus this around all open wounds only and deepest recesses. Any tongues or such, just use 2 coats of Druchii Violet with no Lahmian. 

Overall shot so far..

The next stage is to add some Blood to open wounds, this is just Blood for the Blood God, just paint directly into the wounds, no need to thin this paint. I also add some to all weapons. To do this, add paint to brush, but the wipe most off on tissue, drag the brush quickly across the weapon in direction you want blood to be splattered (normally from sharp edge of weapon to the haft). 

Here is an overall shot so far..

I then done all the bases, using Vallejo Dark Earth, then drybrushed with Tyrant Skull, I added some Nurgles Rot puddles in also, following the Warhammer TV video for this. Once tufts were added and the rim was painted black, the bases were done. 

I painted in the boils and puss, this was first based in Balor Brown, then Ushabti Bone was added, this was coated in 'ardcoat to give a glossy sickly feel. 

So thats it. A whole 1k army painted in one go. These models ooze with character, each model is different and will look awesome on the battlefield. Im looking forward to eventually expanding this army out, but will probably wait until it gets the new AoS treatment with a battle tome. I hope this guide was helpful. Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for looking and see you soon. 

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