Friday, 24 March 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Fyreslayers, Runefather on Magmadroth

Welcome to slayer world! First stop, Runefather on Magmadroth. In todays 'How I Paint' Series I show you how I went about painting up my Magmadroth and Runefather too. I wanted to go for bright colours on this model, the fluff behind my army is that this Runefather (name not decided yet) has just gone his separate ways from his main lodge, he was one of many sons and not one that was in line anytime soon to gain Father status. He decided to set up his own lodge instead and was given a group of brave warriors by his father to go out with. He travelled into the Magma caves in Ghur and found a young Magmadroth of which he now calls his own. The younger the Magmadroth, the brighter their colours.

Here is 'How I Paint' him:

I begun by Undercoating the model in Corax White, this meant the colours would remain bright, I worked up from lightest colour to darkest to try and maintain the brightness too. I Painted the Yellow flames first using Sun Yellow by Vallejo Game Colour.

For the Runefather, I painted the skin at this point too, I used Barbarian Flesh from Game Colour as a base, the Skin Tone Model Air sprayed from a top angle. I finished by washing the skin with a 50:50 mix of Reikland Flesh shade and Lahmian Medium.

I then went in with Game Air colour Orange Fire, this paint acts more like a wash which is great for fire effects, but only if you paint from brightest to darkest. I washed over the yellow leaving the parts I wanted to look hottest Yellow.

At this stage for ease, out came the airbrush, but of course, you can easily get same results with a paint brush, I first painted in all the body with Bloody Red, a Game Air colour, I also painted the tips and down to about a quarter way on the flames too. The next colour I went to was Gory Red, I used this to start defining the shaded parts as well as a strip running down both sides of the Magmadroths back. If you paint this on, make sure you add 50:50 Lahmian medium as this will help you blend the transistation from the shaded parts to the base coat. Finally, I went to Black, again I used airbrush for ease of blending but if you decide on painting by brush, make sure there paint is in glaze form (use Lahmian Medium or Glaze Medium). I picked out all the tips of the horns and also the deepest recesses for the shade.

(Back View)

The next stage was to darken down the recesses of all the scales. To do this, I mixed up Nuln Oil (GW Wash) and Lahmian Medium in 50:50 mix. I painted all over the red areas, leaving the flames.

For the tongue, I instead washed this with Druchii Violet.

All the flames and yellow and orange parts were glazed using Lamenters Yellow. At this stage I also painted all the claws and teeth with Abbadon Black. 

I then got out the trusty dry brush and with Wild Rider Red, I slowly and carefully went over all the body dry brushing until I was happy the model had been brightened up to how I wanted it. The Runefathers saddle was painted Black

I begun painting in the fire from the saddle chimney, I used Khorne Red, Troll Slayer Orange and Flash Gitz Yellow, this will get multiple coats of Bloodletter Red to blend the transitions more. I also used The Fang to dry brush the Saddle and Chimney and then edge highlighted the sharpest corners using same colour. 

I painted the beard and hair with Troll Slayer Orange. 

(Progress Picture)

I washed the hair and beard with Fuegan Orange and drybrushed with Fire Dragon Bright.

I used the Electro Blue Game Colour to edge highlight all the Chimney and Saddle and painted the handle of the LatchKey black.

I then painted the helmet, latch key and other metallic details in Leadbelcher and washed them with Nuln Oil Gloss. 

I then picked out all the gold detail using Retributor Gold, this included the Runefather and also the Runes hammered into the Magmadroth, I then washed the gold with Reikland Fleshshade Gloss. 

The final step was to edge highlight all the gold and silver using Stormhost Silver, I also picked out all the rivets too. This completed the model itself. 

Here is the finished model, I have based it in the same way I have based my Phoenix Guard and Colliegate Arcane. I loved painting this model and may in the future add another if I every expand on my Fyreslayers. Now I just have to work out how to play him in games (so far he has died in every game before I can do anything with him!) 

Thanks for looking! 

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