Monday, 10 April 2017

'How I Base' Series: Custom Wound Dials

Hi Guys, A short one today but wanted to show you something cool! I have been a dice man when it comes to allocating wounds to my models in Age of Sigmar, but with the growing number of multi wound models and Heroes I wanted to do something else. I found a site called Counter Attack Bases, which actually do so much cool stuff for war games. Check it out for Terrain, Dice, Markers etc when you get chance.

The bases come in 3 parts, bottom actual dial and the top. The top is completely flat and crying out for being based. Here is 'How I Base' them.

These are how the bases are from the pack, as you can see, the top is nice and flat and more importantly separate from the rest. 

I added some texture paint to the tops and stuck down some skeletons (from the Tomb King range) and some rocks I had lying around. 

Once this was all dry, I sprayed them with some Brown Spray Paint (I get this from Halfords, its in the Camouflage range)

I applied base paints of Ushabti Bone on the Skeletons and Mechanicus Standard Grey on the rocks, following this I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade.

I then applied a dry brush of Terminatus Stone to the whole base, including bones and rocks. After this I added some Tufts, the flowers are from The Dice Bag Lady and the others are from GW.

To match completely into my Order army I am doing this year which is based on some Tundras, I added some Krycell Snow effect. Please see previous post on basing to see how this is done. 

Thats it! Glue it all together and you have yourself some good looking wound markers that won't disrupt the game aesthetics. If you have your own Custom Markers, let me see them in the comments below! 

Cheers for looking and see you all soon! 

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