Tuesday, 20 June 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Brayherd, Gors

Welcome to the first in the series, 'This is How I Brayherd'. I have decided to bite the bullet and go back to my first WHFB love.. The Beastmen! And specifically, Brayherd! The posts will probably be far between due to the amount of models in this army, 184 to be precise. But here is the first post which is the basis of the army, the Core. #EatBrayLove

The Gor models are still some of the most dynamic out there, I wanted this army due to the amount of models to be a real speed paint army, so I will be showing you my techniques for achieving a good looking army with minimal effort for each. 

I started with this army by Undercoating them with a spray paint from Halfords in their Camouflage range called Super Matt Brown, this gives a basis for the Skin, Weapons, Leather, Shields, Fur. 

I used Terminatus Stone to drybrush all the fur

I used Gorthor Brown and drybrushed all the skin areas, I also base coated the horns with Zandri Dust and drybrushed all the wood (Weapons and Shields) with Sylvaneth Bark.

All the brass details were given a base coat of Balthasar Gold

I then used Ushabti Bone to pick out all of the skulls and bone trinkets and Rakarth Flesh was used for all the straps and cloth. 

Then I washed the entire model with Agrax Earthshade and gave plenty of time to dry. 

I finally painted all the weapons and metal details on the shields etc with Leadbelcher and washed them with Nuln Oil, the loin cloths and some of the wrist straps were base coated in Death World Green (this is the spot colour and can be whatever you feel best for your models), I washed these areas in Camoshade.

Here is the finished model. As you can see, it is clean but also gives a great dirty effect as well. If i want to, it gives a great place to go further pick out more details in the future, with edge highlights and layers. But for what I wanted and the amount of models I have to do, this is great for me. 

For the bases, I went for a Battlefield Debris effect, similar to my old 8th Ed Beastmen army. But with a bit more on the base with broken paving and rocks etc. 

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