Tuesday, 27 June 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Gaunt Summoner

Finally onto the main man himself! Mr. Gaunt Summoner. I put this model off until last thinking it would be pretty difficult to do. Turns out with what I have learned with washes and glazes, it was pretty easy and quick to do. Here is How I Paint him.

(Please Note: I show ways of painting miniatures in efficient time but maintaining quality, this is How I Paint them, not always how they should be painted, you are free to use and distribute photos and use any techniques I go over freely too)

I began by undercoating the model in Corax White, I then used an airbrush and painted on a thin layer of Electric Blue, flowed this blue a layer of Magic Blue and finally added some black to the mix and painted the tips and also the horns and weapon top too. 

I then thinned Drakenhoff down by mixing 50% Lahmian Medium in and painted all over robes. I also shaded two thin coats of this on the Gaunts skin, leaving the top 1/3 of the eyes white. I followed this with a wash of Carraburg Crimson on the horns and top of eyes, the staff and also the book cover.  

I base coated all the armour in Temple Guard Blue including the eye on the staff.

I then washed this with Drakenhoff Nightshade in the recesses. 

I went back over the armour with Temple Guard Blue (Also noticed a huge gap in the cloak at the point which I will fill and repaint).

I began on the feathers with a wash of Biel Tan first.

This was followed by a wash on the tips of Crimson. The flame was painted yellow at this point and the ethereal effects from the book with Nihiliak Oxide. The staff was painted black too and weapon with Leadbelcher. 

A few steps here, but, armour was painted Retributor and washed Reikland Gloss, the feathers had 2 thin coats of Coliea Greenshade put over the top. the flame was glazed with Troll Slayer Orange and finally Crimson from half way up to the Black smoke. The eyes were painted Troll Slayer Orange too and weapon washed in Coliea Greenshade.

Once based in a simple stone scheme, the model was complete! 

I hope you enjoyed this and you find some bits useful for yourselves, if you have a question please use comments below. Thanks! 

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