Wednesday, 7 June 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Grot Scuttlings

Another day, another Silver Tower update! This time Grot Scuttlings, the little spider grots. These were pretty easy to do but the legs can be a little pain. Here is How I Paint them. 

(Please Note: I show ways of painting miniatures in efficient time but maintaining quality, this is How I Paint them, not always how they should be painted, you are free to use and distribute photos and use any techniques I go over freely too)

I sprayed them Black first then top down Corax White to get some Zenithal Highlights. 

I painted the skin of the Grots in Loren Forest.

I then used Druchi Violet to add the purple to the cloaks, this took 2 thin coats the achieve the blends I wanted. 

I shaded all the skin with Biel Tan Green.

I then used Dryad Bark and Agrax shade to paint the weapon handles. 

I base coated all the weapons in Leadbelcher and the ropes with Zandri Dust

I shaded all the metals with Coliea Greenshade.

I painted the eyes with Evil Sunz Scarlet and line highlighted the weapons with Stormhost Silver

All the webbing is just line highlighted with Palyd Wytch Flesh and teeth and claws with Ushabti Bone

Finally the spiders were painted Black and the Claws and Teeth were shaded with Agrax.

Once based in a simple stone scheme, the model was complete! 

I hope you enjoyed this and you find some bits useful for yourselves, if you have a question please use comments below. Thanks! 

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