Friday, 2 June 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Brimstone Horrors

The final set of Horrors are the Brimstone, basically little annoying flames that are produced from exploding Blue Horrors. Easy to paint and great fun on the table. Here is 'How I Paint' them..

(Please Note: I show ways of painting miniatures in efficient time but maintaining quality, this is How I Paint them, not always how they should be painted, you are free to use and distribute photos and use any techniques I go over freely too)

I undercoated in Corax White and then applied a base coat of Flash Gitz Yellow, but leaving the very bottom the feet white.

I washed this with Cassandra Yellow but this time leaving the whole legs without shade.

I applied a glaze of Blood Red (Mephiston Red in GW), A Glaze is made using the paint and a lot of water in a 1:10 ratio. This was applied to just the top flames and arm claws.

I finished with a small bit of Abbadon Black to the very top tips. Told ya... easy. 

This completes the Horror series, next will be the Tzaangors! A bit trickier, but i have found some great little techniques to make it easier. 

Once based in a simple stone scheme, the model was complete! 

I hope you enjoyed this and you find some bits useful for yourselves, if you have a question please use comments below. Thanks! 

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