Tuesday, 25 July 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Mythos Wildborn, The Goat

Good Morning everyone! Today is a special day as this is the release of the 'How I Paint' Series on Mojgorox, the leader of my Brayherd and soon to be the most feared Beastlord in all the Realms. The model is from Paranoid Miniatures and the Wildborn Faction called The Goat, it was the very essence of what I wanted Mojgorox to look like. A Beastlord twisted beyond comprehension by the Chaos Gods.

This is the model, is about double the height of an Ungor, lovely detailed Resin model (Some greenstuff required) - I undercoated the model in Corax White and then base coated (sprayed) with Halfords Camouflage Matt Brown.

I used Beasty Brown from Vallejo Game range to base coat the skin

I followed this with a coat of Barbarian Flesh, again by Vallejo Game

And finally, an airbrush spray from the top down of Skin Tone by Vallejo Model Air

For the skin, the rest was done with washes, first an all over wash of Reikland Fleshshade, once this dried I applied a 50:50 mix of Carraburg Crimson and Lahmian to the legs and deeper recesses in the skin of the torso and arms. Finally some Druchii Violet was applied to the open wounds and the mouth in the stomach. The eye sockets in the skin were washed with Drakenhoff Nightshade.
At this point I also base coated the head with Rakarth Flesh, then used the same colour to gently dry brush the Skin to bring out the highlight details. 

I painted all the fur with Abbadon Black and washed this and the head with Nuln Oil. 

Back View.

I then drybrushed the head again with Rakarth Flesh to bring the details back out and Temple Guard Blue was used to paint the eyes embedded in his skin, the background to him being that Tzeentch implanted these to always see through Mojgorox in all direction at all times. 

Once the blood (Blood for the Blood God) and base was done, thats it! Nice easy process, the model lends itself to the techniques I prefer and it was a joy to paint!

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