Thursday, 20 July 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Rise of Empires, The Wizard Tower

Hi guys! A little bit of a different 'How I Paint' today, I thought, seeing as I took pictures of all the stages I would go over what I done to create the Wizard Tower which will be part of the Rise of Empires event in Feb 2018, the terrain piece is roughly 3 foot x 2 foot and will be the centerprice of the Collegiate Arcane District table. It was so much fun to build and paint, and I learned as always a lot along the way. Here is 'How I Build and Paint' it. 

I begin by cutting with a jigsaw 4 pieces of blue styrofoam into iregular shapes and played a bit with positioning to give me 2 levels.

I pinned them together using cocktail sticks and PVA and glued the whole piece down to a 6mm MDF board, I used polyfiller and bark to give a more rough appearance to the rock faces and also got a knife and dragged it along the corners of the foam to take chunks out. The steps are resin pieces I found on eBay. 

I begun working out positions of the buildings ontop and drew around these, I also had some debris (raided the bits box) and stuck these down too. 

The paving sheets are Wills Paving, York Stone, these along with some slate (found in the garden) and some of the Shattered Dominion large base set were also glued down. The whole board was given two coats of PVA followed by a coat of cheap hobby store acrylic paint mixed with watered down PVA to really seal it in and give a good base to it. 

I grabbed some sharp sand and dried this in the great heatwave of 2017! (It was very warm this week) I used PVA and spread the sand all over the board. I followed this by giving the vertical rock faces a spray of Mechanicus Standard Grey and the soil with Halfords Camouflage Matt Brown. 

Close up. 

Not the best pic but, the painting process has basically begun.. The paving, stones, walls and bridge etc and touch ups of the vertical wall sections were painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey, this was followed by a generous wash of Army Painter Quickshade (Strong Tone). Then, the paving stones were given a glaze of Temple Guard Blue.

I drybrushed the whole board.... everything with Ushabti Bone, this ties it all in together. The details on the walls and fences were painted and then everything was glued in place. 

I added in some clump foliage to represent bushes, some trees around the back of the terrain piece and then used static grass. Everything uses PVA to stick down, the trees are positioned by drilling a suitable sized whole and filling with PVA, then poking the tree trunk down. Done! 

Short Video with the added LED lights. 

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