Friday, 21 July 2017

Matched Play Battle Report: Brayherd Vs Flesh Eater Courts (1.5k)

So this week I got to play Adam with his new Flesh Eater Courts, ok they are unpainted but he is learning the army as he paints, similar to me with the Brayherd. This time the game was at 1500 points, still Matched Play as it is probably the best way to learn what an army can do. The battleplan we rolled for was Escalation which is a pitched battle with the diagonal zones.

My army is:

Furious Brayherd Formation.

Mojgorox (Beastlord) - General with Great Destroyer and Crown of Conquest
Great Bray Shaman with Crown of Conquest

20 Gor with Double Weapon
10 Gor with Beastshield
10 Gor with Double Weapons
20 Bestigor
30 Ungor with Mauls

Then not in the formation is

1 Great Bray Shaman
20 Ungor Raiders

220 Reinforcement points (Basically for a Ghorgon)

My idea is to send the big blocks of Beastmen up with Heroes just behind to give them the buffs they need, have the Ungor Raiders flank round, the 2 smaller units to stay back and protect the Great Bray at the back who will be trying to summon the Ghorgon. Once the Ghorgon is on the board, his job will be to disrupt lines.

Adams army is:

Crypt Infernal Courtier - General with Cursed Book
Crypt Ghast Courtier
Crypt Ghast Courtier
Abhorrant Ghoul King - Cursed Book

3 Crypt Flayers
3 Crypt Flayers
3 Crypt Flayers
30 x Ghouls
3 Crypt Horrors


This is my deployment, Adams final drop was his Deadwatch Battalion, 3 units of Crypt Flayers and an Infernal which came down to the left behind the wall. This wall would prove pivotal in my decision making and mindset for this game. As I finished deploying first, I decided who would go first and let Adam take the first turn, knowing I could not score turn 1 anyway. But in deployment the Ungor Raiders made a move towards the left flank basically to bait his flayers.

Turn 1: Adam!
Adam in turn 1 moved his flayers forward, his ghouls moved onto the central objective and horrors protected the right flank, no charges were made, just the flayers shooting my Raiders, its a bravery shooting ability and took a fair few of them out.

Turn 1: Sean!

In my turn I moved the Bestigor up to charge the Flayers, summoned the Ghorgon which charged the rear of the of the same unit. The Gor and Ungor moved round the right flank.. this is my first mistake, the wall in the centre played with my mind, in hindsight I should have attacked the Ghouls from this way as I had the numbers to take that objective eventually. The Ghorgon took down 2 of the flayers at the rear and the Bestigor lost a few but took another down.

Turn 2: Adam!
Here lies my second mistake and to be honest, it was more not knowing my opponents scrolls that made me make it. I won priority but handed the turn to Adam thinking I had control. The Infernal though allows the flayers to come back to life, something I probably should have been aware of. If I would have taken this turn for the double I probably could have killed both units if not 1. In Adams Hero phase he reanimated all the Flayers so both units were back to full strength, then he attacked in the Hero phase (Deadwatch battalion ability), by the end of his turn, the Bestigor had been destroyed and the Ghorgon was bought down a few wounds too. He scored for the middle objective only, so 1 point.

Turn 2: Sean!

I moved the Gor round with Mojgorox and got both charges off on the Ghouls and Crypt Horrors, The Gor were frenzied and killed 2 Horrors with the help of Mojgorox, there were still two Raiders left on the left flank who secured one objective, a unit of 10 Gor moved up to secure the right flank objective. I scored 2 points.

Turn 3: Sean!

I won priority again and took it this time. I moved the Ungor round and charged the Ghouls and Ghoul King, The ghorgon was still tied up and I just couldn't get through the Ghouls, no matter what I did, I couldn't kill the Heroes bringing them back, Adam had protected them really well by the is point. I did score another 2 points though.

Turn 3: Adam!

Once again, in the Hero phase, he bought back all the flayers and Ghouls that had been killed, swamping me once again, he took out the Great Bray Shaman and the 2 Ungors guading the objective. It was a game of attrition now, but the key is my Brayherd couldn't come back to life. Adam scored 2 points.

Turn 4: Adam! 

Adam killed the Ghorgon and took out the remaining Gor, leaving a few Ungor and Mojgorox left, I knew the game was over at this point, so i just wanted to see how long I could last out. Nothing of note happened in my turn and the score at the end of this round made it so I couldn't achieve a victory.


The battle report on reflection made it sound extremely one sided and although looking back it did look like that, during the game it didn't. I felt I had a chance for most of it. If I play FEC again, I know this time to take out the Heroes first, no matter what. Adam did protect them really well though. One key factor, not in my control was the poor dice rolls for the Gor, with the formation and Anarchy and Mayhem, they were dealing 3 attacks each but with 30 odd attacks in each of the 3 rounds they were in combat, I averaged 6 hits each time, and with the Deathless Minion save, only 3 or 4 were getting through. The Ghouls at one point were attacking with 6 attacks each! 2 base+1 for a spell from the Ghoul King, +1 for over 20 models, +1 for each of the Ghoul Courtiers as they both killed a model before hand. It was a great game, brayherd are tough to play with, but i really feel I can make them better. Back to the drawing board!

Now everyone go follow Adam James on twitter and tell him to paint his miniatures!

Result: Major Loss.

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  1. I bet you're stoked Ghorgons dropped to 200 points!

    So those FEC models come back, without any points put into reserve?