Tuesday, 21 March 2017

'How I Paint' Series: Fyreslayers, Vulkite Bezerkers

Fyreslayers are awesome! I have wanted to do a small fyreslayer army for a while and for a number of reasons. One, the models are fantastic, Two, the fluff is great and Three, I have many Order Alliance models now and sometimes coming up with a Matched Play army that mixes them all together is difficult. With Fyreslayers though you get some great little Battleline units and because of their fluff basically explaining they are mercenaries that will fight for anyone if the price is right, they fit into most armies fluff wise too. 

I am taking the War Council formation (Which is only Heroes in the Colliegate Arcane faction) to South Coast Grand Tournament and needed some troops to protect them as they fight on the battlefield. I thought what better than Fyreslayers and a great excuse to get these models done! 

Here is 'How I Paint' them.