Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, The Silver Tower

Good Morning! So last night I played the second battleplan from the SCGT game pack, The Silver Tower, I played against Ben Crowe's hard hitting Stormcast army using the new Allegiance abilities and Battle Traits. 

My story continued from the Herald of the Storm, the War Council in that previous battle managed to secure the 4 altars to open up a Realmgate. The Wanderers Host could not stop the shear force and brick like nature of the army. The army have now found themselves in Chamon, a huge building stands in front of them. Artur Sigi, the BattleMage upon the two headed Griffin, fell and has been badly wounded. The Jade Wizard, Frieda spent a long while healing him back up but has now been left too weak to continue, in her place, the warband has been joined by a Gold BattleMage dispatched from Azyr to aid them further. This building must be held and controlled, but fate is fickle and the great illusionist has cast his magic upon the whole area, nothing is what it seems. 

In front of them, the see a huge host of what they think to be Orruks, in reality, it is all fake, the Orruks they see are in fact a host of Stormcast sent on the same mission by Azyr. But with the vale down, the War Council sound the war cries and charge on to attack! The Stormcast also have been tricked, instead of allies they only see Tzeentch Arcanites in front of them, they too send the message to form into attack formations. The stage is set.