Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, Capture and Control

Good Morning! So last Tuesday I played the third battleplan from the SCGT game pack, Capture and Control, I played against Paul Flory and his Nurgle. 

My story continues on, The Karl who defied all odds and captured the Silver Tower at the last saved his Council he had sworn to protect. For the gratitude of the Mages, he received an extra portion of Ur-Gold and is now in charge of leading a larger group of Vulkite. The battle was heavy on the War Council, but managing to secure the Silver Tower, it disappeared from Chamon and remerged on the edge of an abandoned town, soaked in shadow and mist, it could only mean they had travelled into Uglu, the Realm of Shadows. Artur turned to Grominir, the Runefather, neither said anything, but they knew and had heard of the rumours of this place. They found themselves in Mitzmanheim, long had it had its glory days and now lay in ruin. 

"My Lord! Up ahead! We are not alone here..", Grominir looked up and saw the ground moving, a sea of plague bundled towards them. The Runefather ordered the Fyreslayers to surround and protect! In the centre of the town lay two relics, glowing with power, subconsciously they knew these needed to be protected. The Relics held the power to get back to Azyr..