Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, Domination

This week I played Kye. We worked out since Generals Handbook has dropped and the club has expanded, we haven't actually played a competitive game of AoS. When we play, we always play a narrative or open battle using GW Campaign book battle plans.... This week was no different! :) We had a great tactical game but the stories soon started to flow. 

'As the last of the plague was rid from Mitzmanheim in Uglu, the relics were secured and harnessed by the Mages. The residents of this ruin begun to emerge from the buildings to look upon the brave warriors who had saved their homelands from the disease Nurgle had been spreading for the past century. The Mages stayed for a while, using the time to heal their wounds and also attend to the Runefather Griminir who had been badly injured by the battle. More Fyreslayers heeded the call of the Horns of Grimnir and before long the army was back up to full capacity. 

They headed west towards the Gate of Huninfir, a passage into the Realm of Ghur and their next task. Sigmar had sent word to them to tackle a rising clan of Skaven in Carcassonne, this was not the end mission for the Council but a call direct from Sigmar could not be ignored, the War Council would fulfil their duty to the God King.'