Thursday, 27 July 2017

Battle Report: Path to Glory Campaign (Part 1)

Paul and myself tested the waters with the new Path to Glory campaign this week, we started from the top and started working through the battle plans. Gotta say, it has probably been the most fun in a while I have had with playing Age of Sigmar! The campaign begun with us picking our warbands, this was the only part where we picked, everything else along the way we rolled for which made for some great moments later on.

Mojgorox had brought to war his trusted Gor herd, most devote to him and a horde of Ungor including some Raiders, those "trained" to use bows! For himself he was of course the Lord of War which meant he could bellow orders to others or himself to hit harder. He also had come to possess a Runeblade to allow him to attack faster and a Bane Weapon which doubled the amount of damage inflicted. All of the these weapons had been fused into his claws as the rest of his armoury was.