Thursday, 31 May 2018

AoS2 Quick Review: Realm Artefacts and Endless Spells

The Malign Portents have really messed up the Mortal Realms and made them an even more deadly place, Endless Spells is one way in which AoS is changing. A first for a tabletop game, spells can now manifest physically on the battlefield and will move around with a life of their own. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

AoS2 Quick Review: Summoning

Welcome to a new segment which will be a quick overview and review of something that has caught my eye in the past weeks for AoS. 

This week I take a look at summoning and the potentials of it in Age of Sigmar 2! Firstly, the idea of summoning is cool, being able to bring additional units and models onto the board by means of magic and arcane ways is so thematic to Warhammer now. In most of the stories and lore it details very frequently armies raising from the grave or teleporting down to the Realms, or beasts being summoned from the surrounding areas to aid (or not aid) factions and alliances. If Games Workshop get this right, it will be a massive plus for the game, if they get it wrong, well..

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Welcome to HobbyHammer 2.0

Welcome to HobbyHammer 2.0!

After months of fighting with Blogger and GoDaddy, HobbyHammer is back. Apologies for everyone who has needed the painting guides and other things over the past few months but somehow I have managed to get everything back. So it is all still there and go check it all out!