Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Welcome to HobbyHammer 2.0

Welcome to HobbyHammer 2.0!

After months of fighting with Blogger and GoDaddy, HobbyHammer is back. Apologies for everyone who has needed the painting guides and other things over the past few months but somehow I have managed to get everything back. So it is all still there and go check it all out!

What have I been up to in the small hiatus?

Painting and playing games, of course. I now have a 3k Maggotkin Army and I am half way to creating a city based thematic mixed order army too. I am also toying with idea (bought and started painting High Idoneth King dude) of Idoneth and bought and half way through painting Skarbrand! I have been butterflying all over the place basically.

What is the future of HobbyHammer.com?

Reviews, More painting guides and the occasional Battle Report. I will try and review as much as I can (Hopefully get myself on the review team for GW.. wink wink ;) Community Team), I will be doing some painting guides, firstly for Skarbrand and then sporadically as I go on too. Battle Reports will be more occasional but still a few narrative ones present.

What do I think of AoS2?

I am lucky enough to be part of the Narrative OTF team and have known the changes were coming for a little while. In short, it excites me and is part of the reason I have tried and tried again to get the blog back up and running. I am most excited about the introduction of Realm specific artefacts, expanded maps and lore and of course the Endless Spells. All of this is what my games are all about. AoS2 will be so much better for everyone. It will mix up the competitive scene and give so many ideas for Narrative Events we should so more and more come out as the scene progresses!

I can't wait for the future and hope you join me on my expedition into AoS2 with HobbyHammer 2.0

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