Tuesday, 5 June 2018

'How I Paint' Series: Khorne Daemon, Skarbrand

Its been a while...

Wanna know how I painted skarbrand? Then your in the right place. I never preach that this is the right way to do it, hence I call these How "I" Paint series, but I do hope you find techniques in here that will help you with your own models.

I have wanted this model since it was released all them years ago but never wanted to do a full Khorne army. I have known that I have been (currently as of writing (29/05/2018) ..... A few weeks on and this is all gone now (05/06/2018).. #BrayGate) able to summon him from my Great Bray Shaman but again never justified doing it. Well i finally convinced myself it is a good idea and bought him in April. Here is How I Painted him..

Firstly, building him takes a while, I have tried to fill as many gaps as i can and smooth out join lines, but he is not a New New model so be prepared for some filling, scrapping and filling to do. After the model was built, I undercoated it and used this time to do some simple zenithal highlighting (This is where you basically pre shade the model with undercoats). I sprayed Chaos Black all over, the Mechanicus Standard Grey from a 45° angle and finally Corax White straight down.

Once the model was undercoated, I glazed some Vallejo Gore Red (Khorne Red for GW paints) all over, this maintains the preshade. I done this with an airbrush for quickness but can easily be done with a brush too. Just thin your paint down with Lahmian Medium to 1 part Khorne Red, 3 parts Lahmian, 3 parts waer. Once you are happy with the red, shade the whole model with Nuln Oil. 
Go back to Khorne Red, but this time drybrush all over the model, follow this up with a drybrush of Mephiston Red and a finally lightdrybrush of Evil Sunz Scarlet. Follow this up with a glaze of Bloodletter and top extreme highlight using Wild Rider Red and the skin should look similar to the pic below.

Once the skin was complete I moved on to the Horns and Hair, I firstly base coated these with Eshin Grey and then edge highlighted (this bit does take ages but well worth it) with Warpfiend Grey and finally, bones only but edge highlighted again with Rakarth Flesh. The wings were painted Abadon Black and drybrushed with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Administratum Grey.

The Brass next, Base coat in Balthasar Gold, Shade with Agrax Earthshade and Drybrush with Sycorox Bronze. The Bone plate on his face is a base coat of Celestral Grey, shade with Agrax and layer up with Celestral Grey and highlight with White Scar. 

The last stages are all here, After the Gold is done, next up was the Silvers. I based them in Leadbelcher, washed it with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Stormhost Silver. The Haft of the weapons are just Abbadon Black and highlighted with Eshin Grey, I also hightlighted all the leather straps at this stage too. Finally, the eye sockets are Temple Guard Blue... this very loosely ties it into my other Chaos armies.

I kept the base simple, I spread Vallejo Dark Earth (Texture paint) and stuck down a load of Skulls from the GW Skull kit, painted the base with Dryad Bark and Skulls in Ushabti bone. Washed it all with Agrax and drybrushed it with Terminatus Stone. Added some Blood for the Blood God and it is done.

Few close up's of the face.

So that's it. A lot easier and less time consuming than I thought it would be. There are a few steps (highlighting the fur and horns) that are more time consuming but on the whole each step is pretty quick and the end results are pretty cool too. 

I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly enjoyed painting him up. See you soon for another 'How I Paint' Series soon.

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