Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Crowe's Nest: East Kent Outcasts, Tales of Gamers - Intro

4 Grand alliances
4 Armies
4 incompetent gamers
And 4 months
Can they do it?

Welcome one and all to the East Kent Outcasts tale of gamers.
4 brave heroes have stepped forth to defend the honour of one of the grand alliances.
This tale will begin in October (So already begun) and finish by January when we head to Warhammer World to play some games, drink beer and expand the narrative of each of the armies.

So we have 4 months to build and paint 2000 point lists.

The hapless victims are
  • Stuart ‘Snezzley’ Snares rocking the Chaos mantle in the guise of Skaven
  • Adam ‘Captain Salt’ James with his gaunt and sallow features representing Death, more precisely Grand Host of Nagash
  • Darren ‘how many 1’s’ Burkett is leading the Order front with the poster boys Stormcast
  • Benjamin ‘Trolling’ Crowe battering through for Destruction with a Mixed Destruction list.
Each day this week an intro will be released for the contenders, including background of themselves plus what they want to get out the tale, be it gaming on a budget or taking a more narrative spin on list building or just pushing their army painting ability.
Look out on twitter for updates with #ekotog and come back to this blog to find out how we get on by the end of the month. (There may even be midpoint updates but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet)

Happy Wargaming

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