Thursday, 4 October 2018

Crowe's Nest: East Kent Outkasts, Tales of Gamers. Darren Burkett - Stormcast

                                             East Kent Outkasts Tale of Gamers -  ORDER

                                Entrant no.1 Come on down and introduce yourself!

Hi my name is Darren
I’ve been into this hobby as a painter for over 25 years now. I have followed the game and stories over the many years but never played due to the vastness of the rulebooks, I also never had anywhere to actually play, so I read the books and painted the miniatures as and when I could afford them. 
Fast forward to a few years ago and the release of Age of Sigmar, I saw my chance to get into this game, learn the new rules, actually start collecting an army and try to find a local club to start playing.
So nearly a year later I have found a club and I’m now the owner of the Stormcast starter set, the Khorne starter set, a fledgling 1500+ Sylvaneth army and a 1500pt Flesh Eaters army.

Then AoS2 and Soul Wars dropped and I knew I had to have this box!

A couple of months later and it’s all about the spooky ghosts although I now have another (un-started) Stormcast army!

I have been asked to take part in this Tale of Gamers campaign, so what better way to start than to build upon and complete my grand army of Order! The Stormcast Eternals! These guys are great, they are the Swiss army knife of the Sigmar world. You want a shooty army? A combat army? A fast army? You got it, and now! You want a magic army? You got it too!

So my starting place is the Soul Wars box, this gives me the basis for my army which includes:

1 x Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger
1 x Knight Incantor
3 x Evocators
5 x Castigators
8 x Sequitors
1 x Celestar Balista with crew

However i still need to add to this and bulk up the Evocators, Sequitors and Castigators to bring them to full unit numbers, so to add to this core set I will be adding:

1 x box of easy build Castigators
1x box of easy build Sequitors
Some more Evocators
Hammerstrike start collecting box and a box Judicators.
this will add 
1 x lord Celestant
5 x Liberators
3 x Prosecutors
2 x Retributors (which will be added to my original stormcast retributors unit from the 1st boxed game )
10 x Judicators

This brings me 1920pts,which leaves me 80pts to add some endless spells, a command point, or to have a shuffle around and swap some different units in if necessary!

Now, I know this list is not Competitive in any way but I’m hoping it is going give me a good starting point and help me get an insight into how I can improve my game play and list building skills.
It is also a fairly cheap way to get an army onto the table at just over £150 if you look around, which I’m always trying to do.

Month 1 will consist of 
1 x Lord Celestant
10 x Sequitors
6 x Castigators
which will bring me to exactly 500 pts. 

                                                  Converted Lord Celestant

So till next time, watch this space and wish me luck!

You can find me on twitter @darrenburkett8 or Instagram darren.burkett and look out for the hashtag #ekotog

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