Monday, 22 October 2018

Crowe's Nest: East Kent Outkasts, Tales of Gamers. Benjamin Crowe - Destruction

                                             East Kent Outkasts Tale of Gamers -  Destruction
                                                               Entrant no.4 ... Waaaaaaagh

Hi, welcome and pull up a chair weary traveller and listen to my story of how I am here.
So my name is Benjamin, I have been war gaming for at least 20 years now, started out with GW like many have done before, dabbled with 40k and fantasy as well as many of the specialist games (Necromunda holding a special place in my heart)

Girls happened and beer happened which saw me drop out of the hobby, for a few years. However when I came back its was the dark days of Games Workshop, and it wasn’t long before I started looking at other systems Malifaux being the main game I got hooked on.
Age of Sigmar released and I was very cynical about it, but eventually a combination of its popularity locally and my love for faux waning I decided to dip my toe into Age of Sigmar and give Stormcast a go…
 Just under two years later I have a number of different armies (not all painted) across all the alliances...

Recently I have been tinkering with Night haunt (I really am a hobby butterfly and suffer greatly from oooh shiny syndrome) but the Green Machine keeps pulling me back. Mainly because there is a strong narrative drive locally and I find it easier to relate and create narratives with the green skinned mob than any other armies I’ve tried.
My favourite army by far is Ironjawz, in fact I am taking a mounted Ironjawz (all the pigs) army to RAW18 or RAWAAAAAGH as I call it.

So this settled my decision for the tale, I would build a mixed destruction force. (That and the over chaps took all the other allegiances)
However I am unsure on my starting point, and with RAW coming up I have had to split my focus. I have joined a number of gaming related whats app groups (Ironjawz, mixed destruction and moonclan) and they have been amazing tools in helping me formulate an overall list. (100% recommend getting in on these)
Anywho I better go and start something at least.
Happy Wargaming

You can find me on twitter @Mulgrok_1st
And look out for the # #ekotog

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