Friday, 5 October 2018

Crowe's Nest: East Kent Outkasts, Tales of Gamers. Stuart Snares - Mixed Skaven


                                    East Kent Outkasts Tale of Gamers -  CHAOS

                                          Entrant no.2 Reveal yourself!

G’day all.

The names Stuart but everyone calls me Snez or Snezzley (in fact Ben refuses to acknowledge anyone calling me by my real name).

Got into the money sink of minis around 2007 when going through a divorce. Xbox just wasn’t cutting it for me so I went into a GW whilst shopping one day and walked out lots of money worse off. All I intended to do was paint and although collecting 3 40k armies I never really got into the game.

Then Malifaux happened, got deeply involved in the tournament scene and did fairly well peaking at around 31st* in the U.K. ranking with my beloved Neverborn. Also dabble in Wild West Exodus, Guildball, dice masters, MtG........... the list goes on.

I moved to Kent from Essex a couple of years ago.


After a few months a local gaming shop opened and we decided to get an Age of Sigmar scene going as it was non-existent with a 6 month tale of painters and then the hooks to GW where back in. I now have a fully painted 3.5k Khorne army and for a separate Tale of Gamers have another 3.5k Nurgle force in the way.

I chose to do a mixed Skaven army for this challenge for a couple of reasons:

Firstly being I discovered a large quantity of island of blood stuff I’d bought, experimented with and put down, it’ll all need to be stripped and rebased but hey big money saving.

Secondly is that I want to continue my Chaos collection and not really branch into the other GA’s from a personal perspective, the thought of one day running a huge game over a weekend or something of one alliance really appeals. Tzeentch doesn’t appeal from a N.P.E I had against them, Slannesh and Slaves of Darkness do not appeal from a painting perspective and Beats of Chaos will be the new hotness so rules them out.

I know I’m going to go slightly crazy soon as I am looking down the barrel of 120 clan rats but if I can do that I can do anything...... right???

First month plans are to strip rebase and spray all that I already have (80 Clanrats and some other bits) paint 30 clan rats and a couple of rat ogres … let’s see what I can knock out.


                                                                Test model

Keep up with my progress on twitter @Snezzley and instagram - snezgaming

Happy painting Y’all

*Out of 32 … 

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