Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Crowe's Nest: East Kent Outkasts, Tales of Gamers. Adam James - Death

                                                   East Kent Outkasts Tale of Gamers -  Death
                                                                     Entrant no.3 Arise!

Harkening from Hallost – The Land of Dead Heroes, the Vampire lord Vladan Schultze’s hateful spirit was compelled to roam the lands as undeserving punishment from Lord Nagash. The amulet maintained an illusion of corporeal form aided by a mirror polished suit of golden armour, in reality, Schultze was nothing more than a rabid puppet serving his petty master’s behest. Time had lost any meaning to Schultze, all the tortured spirit knew was that it must hunt the brass collared beasts until sterility and order resumed to the Valhalla like underworld he called home

Easy now, my names Adam.
Hmm where to start? Well, as the resident salty gamer I can proudly say my saltiness is well earned.

Been playing Warhammer since 3rd edition dropped, which is a frightening amount of time to be playing this game and STILL be losing the majority of my games. But really, I’m actually the terror of Thanet…
I think my first army consisted of a shoplifted dwarf bolt-thrower and backed up with some men at arms courtesy of my then pride and joy, Advanced Hero Quest. From then on in it was Skaven in every edition and whatever other game I could play them in until 7th where Vampire Counts and Wood Elves took my fancy.
Jump to present day, move out of London, stop playing Warhammer against my singular 25year running Dorset based opponent and to a new seaside life in Margate. Where my love for Warhammer has never been stronger with a radical new edition of the game and an ever-growing community of nerds.

So, I flogged my beloved Wood Elves (something I have a sinking feeling I’m about to regret) and ploughed into DEATH! With the advent of 8th edition, it was all about massive horde armies. Which means I have a shit ton of death to play with. This is a double-edged sword, as everyone in the club will attest too. I can never decide on a list, and never have anything full painted. Which is why this throw down has to be answered.

The plan: paint a legal death army with GW only figs (begrudgingly can’t use my Blood Knights). The list I’m rocking is quelle surprise, far from honed and next to impossible to settle on. Even writing this, I’ve changed it twice… ahh the vanity of small difference. So, without further do I present a list of models which thankfully I’ve already purchased built and primed.

1 Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon
1 Necromancer
1 Vampire lord

40 Skeletons with spears
30 Grave guard with sword and board
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves

10 Black knights
6 Spirit hosts (need to get these!)

Month 1
So many skeletons... so many

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