Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Rise Of Empires - A Tale of 4 Gamers

I'm back!

Welcome back to the blog! Welcome myself back to the blog! It has been a while to say the least. My hobby juices are flowing once more though and I wanted a space to keep up to date with the upcoming Tale of 4 Gamers of which Ben Crowe, Dave Morgan, Matt Jones and myself from the Kent OutKasts club will be taking part. We are aiming to complete this over 4 months with a mini tournament at the end. Each of us have selected an alliance and faction within to start from scratch, paint up and play games with. 

So without further ado.

Stormcast Eternals - Sean Houghton

So for the 4th time of trying to actually do and complete a Stormcast army, I have decided on The chosen of Sigmar. I was toying between a few different Stormhosts but I have settled on Sons of Mallus, they don't have any specially abilities in the battletome but I like the paint scheme and lore behind them, plus the colour scheme will fit nicely into my Cities of Sigmar army which I begun at the beginning of the year. 

Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve. It isn't the easiest scheme, lots of layers of greys and purples but, I only have a small model count in the army to go by. Above is some Liberators I done which will be the basis of what I do. (OK, so technically I have cheated already as these will be in my finished army but meh!)

The Big WAAAAGH! - Ben Crowe

Ben has decided to expand on his currently collection of Ironjawz by diving in to the Bonesplitterz who are now combined in the Orruk Warclans book. He already has a narrative in mind for this with a Hero character who played a part in the narrative event run by Paul Buckler - Fate of Sigmar, his colour scheme will be an off white skin tone. Lets see how he gets on with it!

Skaven - Matt Jones

Sneaking, Stabbing, Cunning - I don't know a lot about what Matt has in store, but I am sure it will be cool. Matt enjoys a good narrative spin too and I am sure I will get some info off him soon about. 

Ossiarch Bonereapers - David Morgan

The master of the many project, Dave has struggled to knuckle down on one faction, so hopefully this will help him focus! Ha! The new kids on the block, I am really looking forward to seeing these guys in the 'flesh'

So November will see 4 posts, each with a small interview with each gamer and the 500 points they have elected to paint that month. So until then, is there anything you are looking forward to seeing happen here?


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  1. Sounds interesting, look forward to seeing it progress!